Leaving town for work, a vacation or any other purpose raises concerns about your pets. When you need boarding in St. Paul MN, consider finding a team of experienced professionals who understand the needs of your pets. Pet boarding services at Como Park Animal Hospital allow you to travel without worrying about the safety and health of your pets.

Boarding in St. Paul MN for Your Special Pet

When you have concerns about boarding in St. Paul MN due to the type of animal, speak with our veterinary professionals at Como Park Animal Hospital. Our team has experience with multiple pets and animals. We offer boarding services for a variety of different species of pets, including:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Pocket pets
  • Certain exotic animals

We recognize the challenges of caring for a variety of pets. That is why we have the space and the specialized services you need to leave a pet in our care while you are not available to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Our Requirements for Pets

When you leave a pet in our care, we do set certain requirements and standards before they stay in our clinic. Generally, we require pets to have an exam within the past 12 months at our clinic to ensure they are healthy and they must be cleared by the DVM for boarding.

We may require certain vaccinations for pets. The specific vaccinations depend on the animal, their breed and the risks associated with the type of animal. For example, dogs and cats may need a rabies shot and similar vaccinations before boarding. We do not require the same vaccine for reptiles or birds.

Services We Provide

During a pet’s stay in our facility, we take measures to keep them healthy and active. Our services allow you to feel comfortable leaving a pet in our care when you are out of town.

The primary services we provide focus on health and general well-being. We walk your dogs three to four times per day and have special consideration for pets who need more time outdoors, such as puppies or older pets with incontinence. 

When your pet needs medication for good health, we provide the appropriate medications. Although we may charge for certain medicines, most medications do not have an additional charge while your pet stays in our facility.

If pet owners make arrangements before boarding in St. Paul MN at our clinic, then we provide grooming services and wellness exams during a pet’s stay in our boarding facility. We do require some advanced notice when your pet needs an exam, medical services or grooming services, but our team does offer treatments during pet boarding.

Keeping your pet healthy and active while you travel does not necessary mean bringing a pet on a trip. At our clinic, we offer boarding services to give you peace of mind and keep your pets healthy. To learn more about our boarding services or to arrange pet boarding, contact us today at (651) 487-3255.

“My tegu, Stitch, has been there for well over a week now and will be staying for at least another week. The staff has been amazing. I am hearing impaired and don’t do well on the phone, so they have been texting with me and sending updates. She is clearly in good hands and I SO appreciate the extra efforts to communicate with me and work around my limitations. Thank you for doing all you can for my girl, I miss her but I know she is in fabulous hands.

Seri D.

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