Referring Vets

We are happy to receive urgent care and emergency services referrals from you. We will take care to give your clients the compassionate, caring attention you would give them, and they will be referred back to you for ongoing care.

Our care team is available during the week at 6pm and 24 hours on weekends to receive patients and talk directly to you (by phone) about your patient’s case. They will be here to meet the pet owner and establish communication for the time they are with us. They will provide ongoing treatment based on your treatment plan. They will stay in contact with you about the pet’s progress while they are here, and transfer them back to you (along with medical records) when you are open (or if you choose, they can continue care here as needed).

Click on the link below to access a CASE TRANSFER INFORMATION form, which you can quickly and easily print, complete and fax, email or send along with the patient for care (along with relevant medical records). This way we know your treatment plan and can continue where you left off.

Patient Referral Guide

We want to make transferred patients to and back from CPAH as quick and easy as possible for you and your client. In order to do so, we ask that you follow these simple steps, and call us if you have any questions. We prefer to schedule patient transfers and intakes after 6pm on weekdays. However, you can call our office anytime for information or to schedule a transfer.


  • Call us at 651-487-3255 and a technician will discuss transfer time, availability of needed treatments or procedures, estimated fees, and take a brief history.
  • Print and Complete the “Case Transfer Information Form”
  • Fax or Email a copy of the transfer form and all pertinent medical records to us – fax #651-487-1941 or email and if you cannot fax or email, please send copies with the client
  • Watch for Records following the patient’s visit. Records can be faxed, emailed or sent back to you with the client, based on your preferences list on the transfer form.

What Referred Clients Can Expect

  • Phones answered 24 hours
  • Off Street Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi & refreshments
  • Personalized consultation & care
  • Visitation available during most hours
  • Records available to go home or transfer to DVM upon discharge
  • Their own DVM will know about their pet’s visit and be able to continue care

What Referring DVMs Can Expect


  • DVMs & staff with years of urgent and critical care experience
  • Records transferred back to you via fax or email upon discharge
  • Patients returned to you for ongoing care (or can be kept here for care as long as you need)
  • Ongoing communication about your patient’s status and progress, and participation in the patient care team
  • Flexible communication options (phone, text, email, fax) when you want
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Full-service care for avian & exotic pets


Please call (651) 487-3255 or email for more information on referring patients to emergency services.


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