Como Park Animal Hospital is a unique veterinary healthcare facility.  We offer 24 hour veterinary care.  We have a veterinarian AND veterinary technicians in the hospital 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This means patients are never alone in the hospital, and a veterinarian is always here in case of an emergency.

Our preventative care hours are 7 days a week, starting at 8am, going until 8pm during the week, 6pm on Fridays and 2pm on weekends.  These hours are set up on a scheduled appointment system, so we ask clients to call ahead to schedule appointments.  Patients in the hospital receive continuing care from our preventative care staff during these hours. 

AfterHours Veterinary Care, our urgent and emergency care department, located right here in the hospital, is open 24 hours, 365 days a year (including overnights, weekends and holidays).  They are set up on a walk-in, emergency need based intake system.  We do not schedule appointments during these hours, since we never know what emergencies may come up.  The AfterHours veterinarians and staff provide continued care for hospitalized patients during these hours, ensuring seamless 24 hour care without having to transfer to another facility.

Are your doors always open?

Our physical doors are locked after a certain time of night for security purposes, but we do continue to take in patients as needed overnight.  Our phones are answered 24-7, to ensure we can assist clients and their pets as needed.

Do you offer 24 hour urgent care?

Yes.  As of May 1, 2019, we now offer 24 hour urgent care onsite.  Visit our AfterHours Veterinary Care website for more details.

That being said, not all conditions require immediate intervention, and some clients may be advised to wait to bring their pet in for a full assessment and treatment at a slightly later time when an appointment is available with a primary care veterinarian.  Our staff will do our best on the phone and in person (for walk-ins) to determine your pet’s level of urgency, and help make the best decision for timing of care with you.

Note: sometimes patients are directed to another facility for care, especially if their condition is time sensitive or requires a specialist for best treatment.

How do I know when my pet should come in?

Call us! Any time, day or night.  We’ll talk to you about your pet’s specific needs and help determine the best time and provider to care for them. Call us at 651-487-3255 to ask more about how we offer 24 care for our patients.

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