Requesting Your Records

We are happy to provide you with copies of your pet’s medical records upon request. We ask for 1-2 days notice, and do require a signed consent form to release copies of medical records.

We appreciate you letting us know if you would like your account inactivated with us (example, you are moving or changing vets). If your pet will be receiving medical care elsewhere and you want to keep their account active here, please inform to other provider and ask them to send us complete records, so we can attach them to your account with us. This helps us keep their medical record current and complete, and allows us to make the best medical care recommendations for you moving forward.

Please call our office 651-487-3255 if you have questions, or need a faster timeline. (Note: Emergency patients seen with AfterHours Veterinary Care will have records automatically sent back to your referring veterinarian if you provide us with that information on their intake sheet).

Sending Your Records

It is always best for our veterinarians to have access to your pet’s entire medical history (including major health problems, vaccination history, diagnostics and test results, medications you have given, allergies or aversions, etc.) along with the information you provide us about their history, home care, feeding, etc.

This helps us to make the best decisions about care for your pet, and to be alerted of any health conditions or risks that we should be aware of. It may also help us to avoid repeating any vaccinations, tests or treatments unnecessarily.

Before your appointment, please make sure you contact previous veterinary providers to obtain full medical records. These can either be sent directly to us by email, fax or mail, or you can bring them with you to your first appointment.

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