All patients will be “triaged” upon arrival – this means a trained medical staff member will assess each pet’s condition and determine the urgency and order in which he/she will be seen. Patients are seen in order of medical need and arrival.

Life Threatening Emergencies will be taken in immediately and will go ahead of any patients not in an emergency condition.

When possible, all patients should arrive and be kept on a leash or in a pet safe carrier while in public areas. This is for the protection of your pet, you, other clients and the staff. Leashes and carriers are available for use while with us, or to lend out. Please alert us if your pet is fearful of or aggressive towards people or other animals, as this will help us to keep them safe and comfortable. Let us know if you would prefer to wait in a private room – we will do our best to accommodate you.

Patient Treatment

In accordance with federal and state law, NO patients can receive any treatments, including prescriptions, without a veterinarian’s examination and assessment.


• Clients are required to follow all posted safety signs and directions.
• In the interest of safety, owners and clients will not be allowed to restrain for procedures, and patients may be separated from their owners if the veterinarian feels this is in the best interest of the patient and safety.
• For the safety of patients and the public, Rabies vaccinations must be kept up to date. Aggressive or excessively anxious patients may be sedated prior to examination or treatment.
• CPAH is required by law to report diseases and conditions that present a public health risk, as dictated by the MN Department of Public Health and USDA.
• Any animal that dies or is euthanized within 10 days of a bite to a human must be submitted for rabies testing (at the owner’s expense)


Payment for all services is due at the time the services are performed, and will be collected upon your departure. Deposits for patients remaining in the hospital for ongoing care and/or major procedures or medical treatments may be required.

Payment Options: Payment can be made by Cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Care Credit and Telecheck. Checks may be declined if they are not Telecheck approved. AHVC does not offer financing or payment plans.

Treatment Plans & Estimated Costs

Following a veterinarian’s examination and initial assessment of your pet, we will provide you with a written treatment plan, with estimated costs, for your pet. Your signature will be required before treatments can begin. If a patient’s medical condition changes or requires additional care not included the initial treatment plan, you may be asked to review and sign a new or revised treatment plan prior to additional treatments.


CPAH requires that all financial and medical consent forms be signed an owner of the pet. If the owner is under 18 years old, an adult must sign and be present (Note: the adult will have the full responsibility for payment and legal status.) We encourage clients to read all consent forms in full prior to signing.

Healthcare Directive

All patients that require emergency care, hospitalization, anesthesia and/or surgical procedures will have the opportunity to discuss and sign a healthcare directive with a member of the Emergency Services staff. This tells the veterinarian(s) and staff how you want us to proceed should CPR or other drastic measures be needed.


CPAH does not have set visiting hours. We are happy to arrange a time for you to come visit your pet while he/she is in our care. We believe that the care team includes you, and we want you to be a part of your pet’s healing process. Please note: sometimes we do need to limit or restrict visitation due to your pet’s medical need and limitations or another patient’s emergency needs. Thank you for you cooperation and understanding.


We do not require a referral to receive service. We do ask each client for the name and contact information for their primary veterinarian upon arrival, so that we can communicate with them regarding previous care, current treatments and referring their patient and their records back to them for ongoing care.

Referring Veterinarians

Visit our Referring Veterinarians page for more information on referring and transferring patients to our care (including a Patient Transfer Form) and to find out how our services can be customized to give your patient’s seamless care when you are not at your practice.

Medical Records

CPAH will provide a copy of medical records to every client when their pet is discharged from our care. Partial records may be provided upon request prior to discharge. Copies of lab and diagnostic reports and digital radiographs can be provided upon request as they are available.

Copies of records will be transferred directly to the client’s primary veterinarian, if they are identified by the client and we have contact information. Records can be released at a later time, but may require a signed release from the client to transfer. Most records can be made available in printed or digital form (PDF).

Preventative Care

CPAH is an urgent and critical care provider only. In order to maintain respectful relationships with the veterinary community, we will refer preventative care services to the client’s primary care veterinarian.

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