Our Mission

AfterHours Veterinary Care is dedicated to providing compassionate and progressive medical care during those hours when other veterinarians may not be open, and to maintain respectful relationships with the Twin Cities veterinary community. We believe it is an honor and a privilege to care for our clients and their pets in their times of need. Our goal is to treat our patients as we would treat our own pets, and to show their owners the kind of care and concern that each of us would like to receive.

AfterHours Veterinary Care is a unique concept in urgent and critical care services, which opened to the public in Fall 2010. It was originally opened as an ancillary service of Como Park Animal Hospital, a Saint Paul veterinary icon for 30 years, to provide 24 hour care for its own clients and patients. Now AHVC has grown into an independent urgent and critical care veterinary service and now serves the Twin Cities Metro area.

 We have a veterinarian and trained staff on premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes weekends, overnights, and all holidays.

Our Approach

Our approach to non-preventative medicine is different from the traditional model of emergency clinics in 3 ways. First, we don’t just focus on emergencies, we see all range of sick pets from urgent to emergency cases. This means we can provide our services at a lower overall cost for most cases, while still providing almost all the emergency care and services provided at large and corporate emergency care facilities. Second, our services are not limited just to dog and cat patients; we also see birds, pocket pets and exotic pets. And third, our unique partnership with Como Park Animal Hospital allows our doctors and staff access to facilities and equipment of a much larger hospital, as well as access to the knowledge and experience of over 30 years in practice. Our clients who already have an established relationship with a veterinarian will be referred back there for ongoing care, while those without one can easily be referred for ongoing preventative care at the same convenient location! It can be difficult when your pet is sick. We want to make it better. Here our patients and our clients are family.

Our Staff

Working alongside our doctors is a group of emergency and critical care trained staff, many of them CVTs (credentialed veterinary technicians). With over 75 years of combined experience, these technicians and staff work with our patients through every case to provide nursing care, in-house laboratory, anesthesia, surgical assistance, client education and counseling and more.

  • Amy
  • Ashley
  • Bob, CVT
  • Christa, CVT
  • Elizabeth
  • Emily, CVT
  • Helena
  • Hilary
  • Katie
  • Kristen
  • Lindsay, CVT
  • Nikki
  • Rebecca, CVT
  • Robin
  • Sarah, CVT
  • Yia
Dr. Jodie Hanson

Dr. Hanson (formerly Dr. Starks) has been a member of the Como Park Animal Hospital family for years, having worked as a veterinary assistant during her undergraduate years, as well as being invited back to practice as a preventative care veterinarian following completion of vet school. We were so lucky to have her join our emergency team in 2012.

She received her Veterinary Doctorate from the University of Minnesota in 2012, along with a Masters in Public Health. She is an active member of VECCS, AMVA and MVMA.

Dr. Hanson’s special interests include public health and disease control. When she isn’t at AfterHours Veterinary Care, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their cat, and enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with family, craft beer and the outdoors.

Dr. Dawn Todd

Dr. Todd has been with AHVC since 2012 and is our current Emergency Medical Director. She has been practicing emergency veterinary medicine in Michigan and the Twin Cities for over 20 years.

She received her Veterinary Doctorate from Iowa State University in 1991.She is an active member of VECCS, AAV, AMVA and MVMA.

Dr. Todd’s special interests include emergency surgery and internal medicine. When she isn’t at AfterHours Veterinary Care, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and her pet family including a variety of dogs, one cat and an Amazon parrot named, Mozart. She enjoys the sport of flyball with her dogs and has been competing since 1992. Her other hobbies include gardening, any fitness class and relaxing on a beach by the ocean.

Dr. Steph Torfin

Dr. Torfin has been with AHVC since 2012. Prior to that she practiced emergency medicine for over 10 years in the Twin Cities. We were lucky to meet her for the first time when she chose Como Park Animal Hospital as a sight for an in-clinic veterinary preceptorship during vet school.

She received her Veterinary Doctorate from the University of Minnesota in 2002. Following graduation, she chose to continue her education with an option 1 year intership in Emergency and Critical Care. She is an active member of VECCS, AMVA and MVMA.

Dr. Torfin’s special interests include wound management and critical care. When she isn’t at AfterHours Veterinary Care, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their dogs, reading and travel. (She’s climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!)

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