Pet Surgery in St. Paul MN 


The prospect of surgery fills many people with anxiety, whether the surgery for themselves or for your beloved pets. But you'll feel much better knowing that your pet is in skilled, experienced hands throughout his surgical procedure -- and that's why you should choose Como Park Animal Hospital for top-quality pet surgery in St. Paul MN.

A Wide Range of Surgical Procedures for a Wide Range of Needs

Our team of veterinarians in St. Paul MN have the knowledge, ability, tools and compassionate attitude needed to perform a wide range of surgical procedures to meet specific needs. Some of the more common pet surgeries we perform include:

  • Spay and Neuter Surgery - Spay and neuter surgeries are sexual sterilization procedures that can help prevent conception, pregnancy and unwanted litters. But these elective surgeries also reduce the risks of potentially hazardous roaming and aggressive behaviors while also dramatically reducing your pet's cancer risk, making them a must for preventative wellness.
  • Dental Surgery - Dental surgery may be necessary if your pet suffers from severely damaged or infected teeth. Extractions of these teeth can save surrounding teeth from harm. Oral cancer, a potential killer, can also be removed through a combination of surgery and other treatment methods.
  • Emergency Surgery - Some conditions may require emergency surgical attention, including bloat, difficult labor, a swallowed foreign object, broken bones, deep lacerations and blockages in the urinary system. We can perform emergency surgery to relieve an acute crisis or even save your friend's life.
  • Orthopedic Surgery - Pets often suffer injuries or degenerative problems in their joints that can cause chronic pain and lameness. Our veterinarians can often correct these issues through surgical procedures to fuse arthritic vertebrae, rebuild or replace hip joints affected by dysplasia and reconstruct or modify knee joints suffering from torn ligaments or other damage.
  • Internal/External Surgical Treatment - Sometimes pets need surgery to treat a serious illness, congenital internal problem or external issue that threatens their health. We can surgically remove tumors both inside and outside the body, repair damaged or diseased organs and provide C-sections for pets who cannot give birth naturally.

Before, During and After Your Pet's Surgery

We will examine your pet thoroughly before surgery an advise on your any special pre-surgery restrictions, such as withholding after a certain time of night. The use of general anesthesia means that your pet may need some time to regain consciousness even for a same-day procedure. We will prescribe medications to relieve pain and prevent infection while also instructing you in post-operative home care and wound monitoring practices. A follow-up exam is typically scheduled to check the progress of your pet's recovery.

Need to Schedule Pet Surgery in St. Paul MN? Call Us Today!

If your beloved companion is in need of pet surgery in St. Paul MN, don't fret -- just contact the trusted professionals at Como Park Animal Hospital. Call (651) 487-3255 today to schedule a consultation, evaluation and surgery!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I always have a fun, satisfying visit at Como Park Animal Clinic. The staff at the front desk are friendly and helpful! I always leave feeling my pets have received the best of care, and that I've been empowered with encouragement and realistic choices. I am a very satisfied customer!"
    Debra A.- North Saint Paul, MN, 2017
  • "I have been bringing my cats to CPAH since the mid-1990s. It is a cliche to say that everyone there makes us feel like family and they really care about us, but it's true! I am also happy to support this local business."
    Jody K.- Saint Paul, MN, 2016