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Comprehensive Pet Examinations at Como Park Animal Hospital in St. Paul, MN

Here at Como Park Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing your beloved pet with the highest level of care and have been proudly serving the Twin Cities for nearly 35 years. Our full-service animal hospital provides care not just to dogs and cats, but birds and other exotic animal as well. So whether your pet is in need of a routine exam or a more complex medical procedure, you can rest assured that our experienced and compassionate team is here to help.
Kitten getting its yearly exam in St Paul

Why Routine Wellness Exams Matter

One of the main focuses in our office is on preventative care, which begins with regular wellness exams for your pet. In fact, did you know that the AHA recommends two exams per year for dogs and cats, and one exam a year for exotic animals? With routine wellness exams, we can track important vitals such as your pet's weight, heart rate, and overall health. Routine exams are also a great opportunity for us to make note of any potentially troubling signs so we can perform additional testing as needed.

In some cases, routine wellness exams could very well lead to the early diagnosis of a disease or illness. And with early detection, chances for successful treatment are often much higher.

What to Expect at Your Pet's Exam

If you're a new patient with us, you may be wondering what to expect when it comes to your pet's first exam with us. Generally, we will begin with getting to know you and your pet, along with asking you some simple questions about your pet's behavior. If you have any questions or concerns, we also encourage you to bring this to our attention during your pet's appointment.

From there, we weigh your pet, take its temperature, and take a look at its eyes and ears to make sure everything looks healthy. We'll also take a moment to listen to your pet's heart and breathing. If needed, we may also make recommendations on dietary changes (especially if your pet is under- or over-weight) or other changes to your pet's lifestyle. Ultimately, we'll provide you with an overall review of your pet's health and encourage you to come back for another exam in six months or a year (depending on your pet). If needed, we may also recommend further diagnostic testing or blood work, in addition to vaccinations or immunizations. 

More Services From Como Park Animal Hospital

In addition to preventative care and wellness exams, Como Park Animal Hospital is also proud to offer a number of other services for your pets, including:

  • surgical services
  • boarding
  • emergency care
  • dental care
  • diagnostic testing
  • parasite control

Contact Our Office Today

Is your pet overdue for a wellness exam? If so, then we recommend contacting our office to request an appointment at your earliest convenience. You can reach Como Park Animal Hospital at (651) 487-3255. We're open seven days a week to work around your busy schedule and look forward to serving you and your pet!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I always have a fun, satisfying visit at Como Park Animal Clinic. The staff at the front desk are friendly and helpful! I always leave feeling my pets have received the best of care, and that I've been empowered with encouragement and realistic choices. I am a very satisfied customer!"
    Debra A.- North Saint Paul, MN, 2017
  • "I have been bringing my cats to CPAH since the mid-1990s. It is a cliche to say that everyone there makes us feel like family and they really care about us, but it's true! I am also happy to support this local business."
    Jody K.- Saint Paul, MN, 2016