Pets are in danger of the same tooth decay, cavities, and oral disease that their owners can experience. That’s why proper dental care at Como Park Animal Hospital is essential to ensure your pet doesn’t begin to suffer from serious dental issues. If you’re looking for dental care for your dog or cat in St. Paul, MN or the surrounding community, we have the trained veterinarian staff necessary to help your pet obtain the best dental care possible.Dog holding a tooth brush in St. Paul, MN

The Importance Of Regular Dental Care

Pets like cats and dogs can suffer from tooth decay, issues with their gums, and oral infections. To give you an idea how serious proper dental care for your pet is, it’s important to note that harmful bacteria can actually enter oral lesions in your pet’s mouth. Once inside your pet’s body, this bacteria can reproduce in your pet’s heart and within other organs in a process known as bacterial endocarditis. This potentially deadly condition can also lead to kidney and joint problems for your pet

Taking your pet for regular dental screenings, which can also be performed during your pet’s annual exam, are key to preventing inflamed gums, tartar buildup, cavities, root damage, and bacterial infections.

Signs Of Oral And Dental Diseases

If your pet’s teeth feature brown spots, bleeding and swollen gums, signs of rot, difficulty eating, loose teeth, and receding gums are all signs your pet needs dental care as soon as possible. Sometimes just examining your pet’s mouth gives you a clear sign that there are multiple problems going on. Your vet can examine your pet’s oral health, and take preventative action if any plaque build-up or gingivitis is present. Otherwise, your pet could develop serious dental issues, such as rot in the root of the tooth. Besides the health problems, these conditions can also be extremely painful for your pet. While proper dental care for your pet can help prevent some of these issues, it' important that you keep an eye open for signs of dental problems with your cat or dog.

How Como Park Animal Hospital Can Help

At Como Park Animal Hospital, we can perform a variety of dental procedures, all the way from standard dental cleanings involving tools like an ultrasound cleaner to more advanced procedures. We can perform complex dental surgery, including providing your pet with fillings for cavities, extracting teeth, root canals, and gingival plastic surgery.

We perform our dental cleanings and surgeries under anesthesia, both to help your pet avoid pain and to ensure a smooth dental procedure. In general, regular cleanings are an essential prevention strategy designed to prevent larger oral problems from developing.

Your Como Park Animal Hospital veterinarian team can also help you implement strategies for ensuring your pet keeps their teeth in better condition over the long-term. Not all pets require annual cleanings, but for many pets, dental problems are a reoccurring problem that requires regular care.

If you want to schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning for your pet or have questions about the procedure, feel free to call us at (651) 487-3255 or visit us at 1014 Dale Street N (At the intersection of Dale St. & Lawson Ave), St. Paul, MN 55117.


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  • "I always have a fun, satisfying visit at Como Park Animal Clinic. The staff at the front desk are friendly and helpful! I always leave feeling my pets have received the best of care, and that I've been empowered with encouragement and realistic choices. I am a very satisfied customer!"
    Debra A.- North Saint Paul, MN, 2017
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