Phone Scheduling

Online scheduling will be disabled for the time being. Please call us to schedule your appointment. We are scheduling preventative appointments, but we are not scheduling elective surgeries at this time. We appreciate your patience while we experience higher than normal call volume.

Curbside Policy

We are adopting a curbside policy for seeing all patients at this time. We ask that you call when you arrive and wait in your car until we are able to come get you and your pet. If your pet is experiencing an emergency and is critical – please call when you arrive and alert us of the situation.

We know there have been a lot of questions that have come up since the Tigers at the Bronx Zoo have tested positive for COVID 19, and we want to help answer some questions you might have.

 Here is what we know:

  • So far this is an isolated case with 1 species of tiger who most likely caught the virus from one of their curators or keepers.
  • Cats are not known natural reservoirs for this disease.
  • It is likely that many mammals can potentially get sick since they do have the right receptors for the virus to get in.
  • We have no evidence at this time that these animals then become a risk for others such as humans.
  • As of right now the State of Minnesota, USDA and CDC do not recommend routine testing of animals for this virus.
  • Ferrets have been used in some lab testing and have shown supsetablity, but have not been shown to get the virus from humans or under natural conditions.
  • There is no reason to surrender your pet.

Things to do:

  • Keep any indoor/outdoor cats either strictly indoors or outdoors at this time.
  • If you are sick, limit your interaction with your pet. This includes petting, snuggling and giving kisses. Wash your hands before and after any unavoidable interactions. Try to have a healthy member of your household care your pet.
  • If your pet was exposed to a person who has been diagnosed and is sick with COVID 19, and your pet is showing signs of illness, please contact us.

We have attached a FAQ sheet from the Minnesota Board Of Health about testing companion animals as well.

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