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Most Common Pet Emergencies

Most Common Pet Emergencies In ST Paul, MN

Caring for a pet requires active measures to keep up with his or her health. When an emergency situation occurs, pet owners want to recognize the signs of a problem and then seek appropriate treatment to help a pet recover and heal from the problem. At Como Park Animal Hospital, we recognize the challenges of identifying a potential problem, so we educate pet owners to prepare for different situations that may occur.Vets in St Paul helping a dog

Problems with Breathing

Breathing problems stem from multiple potential situations, but always lead to emergency care at our clinic. Since a pet can only live for about 3 minutes without oxygen, on average, you need to seek immediate attention when a pet shows signs of breathing problems. Signs of a problem may include difficulty taking in a breath, heavy panting or wheezing.


Seizures refer to uncontrolled shaking and movement. It may occur in dogs and cats due to poisoning or similar problems. For example, a severe allergy may also cause the problem. When a pet shows signs of a seizure, seek immediate attention from a veterinary professional.

Soft-Tissue Injuries

Soft-tissue injuries do not always show obvious signs of a problem; however, you may notice a dog or cat limping or making sounds of distress. While the injuries are usually mild, a strained or sprained muscle contributes to health concerns and may result in more severe injuries if left untreated.

Broken Bones

Broken bones usually occur due to an accident. Depending on the location of the bone, the treatment solutions vary. Pet owners should always bring a pet to a veterinary professional when the bones show signs of a break or when they have any concerns about a potential break due to a situation leading to an injury.

Cuts and Bleeding

Bleeding is always a medical emergency. When a pet starts bleeding due to a cut or injury, wrap the wound with a clean bandage or cloth. Do not put any anti-septic cleaners or other items on the cut to prevent complications with the treatment process. For heavy bleeding, a family member may need to hold a pet and apply pressure to the wound during the trip to the vet. 

Unexplained Weakness

Unexplained weakness, such as sudden loss of energy or a sudden collapse without a clear reason, requires medical attention. It may stem from a variety of situations, including a heat stroke. 

Treating a pet during an emergency starts with seeking professional assistance. Since pets may face a variety of problems, always discuss your concerns with a veterinary professional. For more information about pet health and emergencies or to set up an appointment at Como Park Animal Hospital, contact us today.


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